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350+ Indian Girls WhatsApp Number List 2023 (Friendship)

Hi friends, in this article, we have brought for you a list of more than 350+ beautiful Indian Girls WhatsApp number list 2023.

If you are single and you are looking for a girlfriend or a good girl for yourself and you want to be friends with her, then we have brought for you a list of some such beautiful girls WhatsApp number in India. The numbers of girls that we are going to give you below are the numbers of girls whom you can message on WhatsApp and make friends.

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You must know that India is a cultural country and Indian girls are bound by values and they do not share their mobile numbers with anyone, but we have brought for you such numbers with great effort with whom you can talk to girls easily.

Indian Girls WhatsApp Number 2023

Who doesn’t want to talk to girls and make friends with them? If you are single and you don’t have any female friends, and you are looking for indian Girls WhatsApp number, then we have provided a list of Indian girls’ WhatsApp numbers here. You can take the numbers of these girls from here and then message them.

The list of Indian girls WhatsApp number 2023 is given below. In this table, you will be told about the girl’s name, the girl’s WhatsApp number, and the girl’s age.

Girl NameAgeGirls WhatsApp Number
Swati21+91 885315**21
Nidhi20+91 775412**62
Sonam23+91 638852**36
Reena19+91 789752**71
Kirti24+91 758124**25
Radha18+91 626215**22
Kushbu17+91 751486**12
Neha20+91 909582**66
Riya21+91 979453**96
Aarohi18+91 874215**52

Friends, you have been given the Indian girls’ WhatsApp numbers in the table above. Take the number from here and then you can message Indian girls on WhatsApp numbers. You can talk to them through chat and also make video calls. After becoming friends, you can make them your girlfriend or marry them.

Cute Indian girls whatsapp Number List 2023

We are giving you a list of WhatsApp numbers of some beautiful girls in India. You should only send a message to these girls saying ‘Hi’. Do not send any inappropriate messages. Only then you can befriend these girls. So here is Cute indian Girls WhatsApp number list 2023 –

Girl NameAgeGirls WhatsApp Number
Nisha20+91 979452**96
Seema20+91 885314**11
Radhika22+91 638852**21
Priti19+91 789752**85
Rohini20+91 758124**22
Nirasha18+91 626215**22
Aasha19+91 856124**54
Rubi18+91 634582**33
Kabita23+91 869453**24
Sabita21+91 878545**22

Real indian Girls whatsapp number For friendship

We are going to give you the numbers of girls you can call and talk to easily. You can make friends with them and talk to them all day and night. Here are their Real Indian WhatsApp number for Friendship –

  • Kiran Rajput – +91 775512**41
  • Nishika Yadav – +91 885317**32
  • Nidhi Gupta – +91 623174**56
  • Suruti Pateriya – +91 768521**47
  • Roshni Varma – +91 623175**42
  • Ragni Vatra – +91 840052**22

Online Indian Girls WhatsApp Number 2023

Friends, if you are looking for the WhatsApp numbers of online girls, if you want the WhatsApp numbers of online Indian girls, then we have brought a list of the WhatsApp numbers of girls who are online and girls here for you.

From here you can take the WhatsApp numbers of online Indian girls (Online Indian Girls WhatsApp Number) and chat with them and make friends. Then you can talk to them through video call. So, here is the list of online girls WhatsApp numbers:

Girls NamesLocationGirls WhatsApp Number 

We hope you were able to find the Indian girls WhatsApp number of the girls you were looking for. If you did not find any Indian Girls WhatsApp numbers, please comment below and we will provide them to you. Also, please share this article with your friends.



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